What does Cambridge mean?

Cambridge meaning in Names Dictionary

'King Henry V' Earl of Cambridge, a conspirator against the King.
Name Origin: Shakespearean
Name Gender: Male

Cambridge meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English Grontabricc (c.745) "Bridge regarding the River Granta" (a Celtic lake name, of obscure beginning). The alteration to Cante- and soon after Cam- ended up being because Norman influence. The lake title Cam is a back-formation in this situation, but Cam in addition was the best Celtic lake title, indicating "crooked."

Cambridge meaning in General Dictionary

a city in Massachusetts merely to the north of Boston; website of Harvard University and also the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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  • a university in The united kingdomt
  • a city in east The united kingdomt regarding River Cam; website of Cambridge University

Sentence Examples with the word Cambridge

An instance of this is given in the Philosophical Transactions (1768), where it is stated that one seedling plant in the Cambridge botanic garden was divided into eighteen parts, each of which was replanted and subsequently again divided, till it produced sixty-seven plants in one season.

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