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showing activities and/or actions of lack of knowledge, self-centeredness, selfishness and a belief of superiority to other people. People who exhibit this kind of behavior are often spoiled and embellish their own worth to gain attention, plus suppress unique interior self-consciousness to be substandard or worthless.To 'boar' some one.Adjective: BoarVerb: Boaring A huge butt pig this is certainly buff. a heavy fat woman that's Down to bang DTF Acronym for "Bend Over And Rape".Conjugation is essential because of this acronym, as it is very nearly exclusively utilized as a verb. Consumption is actually, yet not always, figurative.Similar in consumption to pwn. an animal, related to pigs, that no one previously really views not in the popular game "World of Warcraft" in which they're usually addressed has actually EXP fodder for low-level players. An exception for this will be the Demonic Boars in Outland which will bang your shit up if you are not careful.