What does Basic mean?

Basic meaning in General Dictionary

an artificial computer system language with a comparatively simplified training set

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  • concerning a base performing work of a base in a salt
  • paid down into the easiest and most significant form possible without reduced generality
  • regarding or constituting a base or foundation
  • helping as a base or kick off point
  • of or denoting or associated with the nature of or containing a base
  • a popular program writing language which relatively easy to understand; an acronym for novice's all-purpose symbolic training rule; no more generally speaking use
  • (usually inside plural) an essential product for which demand is continual
  • associated with a base; performing any office of a base in a sodium.
  • obtaining the base excessively, or even the quantity of the bottom atomically more than compared to the acid, or exceeding equal in porportion that of the associated basic sodium.
  • evidently alkaline, as certain typical salts which show alkaline reactions with test report.
  • Said of crystalline rocks that incorporate a comparatively reduced portion of silica, as basalt.

Basic meaning in Names Dictionary

Diminutive of Basil: Royal. Kingly. St Basil the Great ended up being Bishop of Caesarea within the second 50 % of the 4th century. This name had been introduced into west European countries because of the Crusaders. Derived from exactly the same Greek word once the plant title basil.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Male

Basic meaning in Law Dictionary

It represents beginners all purpose symbolic training signal. It will make it simple for a user to have interaction with an application. Microsoft turned this into DOS and artistic basic programs. It acts as a control language.

Basic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1832, originally in chemistry, from base (n.) + -ic.

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  • computer language, 1964, initialism (acronym) for novices' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code; created by Hungarian-born U.S. computer scientist John G. Kemeny (1926-1992) and U.S. computer scientist Thomas E. Kurtz (b.1928).

Basic meaning in Business Dictionary

Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. Simpler to utilize high-level program coding language enabling a user to interact with a course even though it is working (being executed). Although developed for instructional purposes, it was used by Microsoft organization for its 2 (as QuickBasic) and Windows (as aesthetic Basic) systems and underlies its application pc software due to the fact control language. Invented in 1964 by US mathematics teachers, John Kemeny (1926-1992) and Thomas Kurtz (created 1928) of Dartmouth College.

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newbies All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

Basic meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

is short for "Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code." FUNDAMENTAL is a computer program coding language that has been created within the mid-1960s to deliver a way for students to publish quick computer system programs. Since that time, the language has actually evolved into a more robust and powerful language and can be employed to create higher level programs for today's personal computers. BASIC originally utilized numbers at the beginning of each instruction (or range) to share with the computer what purchase to process the directions. Lines could be numbered as 10, 20, 30, etc., which would allow extra guidelines to-be put between commands down the road if needed. "GOTO" statements enabled programs to loop back once again to earlier in the day guidelines during execution. Including, range 230 of a fundamental system may have an "if" term that informs the computer to jump back once again to range 50 if a variable is significantly less than 10. This training might look something like this: 230 IF (N More modern BASIC implementations utilize "while loops," which perform a few guidelines so long as a specific case holds true. Newer BASIC development software additionally aids more information kinds, such as for instance integers, strings, and arrays, for storing variables also data. Although the very first FUNDAMENTAL development environments were strictly text-based, today's FUNDAMENTAL development software enables designers to develop much of their particular programs aesthetically, utilizing a graphical graphical user interface. A number of the very popular BASIC development programs made use of these days include REALbasic and Microsoft Visual fundamental.

Basic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) associated with a base; performing any office of a base in a salt.

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  • (a.) Obtaining the base excessively, or even the quantity of the beds base atomically greater than compared to the acid, or surpassing equal in porportion that of the related basic salt.
  • (a.) Evidently alkaline, as certain typical salts which show alkaline reactions with test paper.
  • (a.) Said of crystalline rocks that incorporate a somewhat low percentage of silica, as basalt.

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It is not infrequently found in serpentine, and in basic eruptive rocks, where it occurs as veins and in amygdales.

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