What does Baby mean?

Baby meaning in General Dictionary

related to or resembling a baby youthful or little as child swans

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  • To treat like a young child to help keep reliant to humor to fondle
  • a baby or youngster of either intercourse a hottie
  • treat with extortionate indulgence
  • an immature childish individual
  • an unborn youngster; a human fetus
  • a tremendously child (birth to at least one 12 months) that has perhaps not yet started to walk or talk
  • the youngest person in friends (not youthful)
  • a task of private issue to someone
  • a really young mammal
  • a baby or youngster of either sex; a babe.
  • A small image of a child; a doll.
  • with respect to, or resembling, an infant; youthful or small; because, baby swans.
  • to deal with like a young child; to help keep reliant; to laughter; to fondle.

Baby meaning in Dream Dictionary

Baby dreams normally have multiple definition according to the framework associated with the fantasy.  Infants generally signifies our nurturing side.  When it comes to people that don

Baby meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., babi, diminutive of baban (see babe + -y (3)). Indicating "childish adult individual" is from c.1600. Indicating "youngest of friends" is from 1897. As a term of endearment for one's fan it really is attested maybe as soon as 1839, truly by 1901; its appeal maybe boosted by child vamp "a popular girl," pupil slang from c.1922. As an adjective, by 1750. Baby food is from 1833. Baby blues for "blue eyes" recorded by 1892 (the phrase also had been employed for "postpartum depression" 1950s-60s). To clear the child completely because of the bathtub (liquid) is very first recorded 1909 in G.B. Shaw (compare German das Kind mit dem Bade aussch

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  • "to treat like a baby," 1742, from child (n.). Relevant: Babied; babying.

Baby - German to English

babe [literary] [baby]

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  • child
  • bub [Aus.] [coll.]
  • hole-in-the-heart infant

Baby meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An infant or youngster of either intercourse; a babe.

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  • (letter.) A little image of a baby; a doll.
  • (a.) related to, or resembling, an infant; younger or small; because, infant swans.
  • (v. i.) to deal with like a young child; maintain dependent; to laughter; to fondle.

Sentence Examples with the word Baby

I will get a baby lion and a white monkey and a mild bear to bring home.

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