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Here follows the definition associated with words avenge and revenge + the essential difference between avenge and revenge. Both words tend to be about repaying an incorrect. The distinctions between them have to do with sentence structure and tones of definition, though discover considerable overlap in definition, dictated by usage as time passes. Grammatically speaking, avenge is a verb only; payback is a verb and much more generally a noun. Avenge traditionally relates not only to repaying a wrong but to getting justice on someone else's account as a fix for that incorrect. Revenge typically relates to getting despite having an adversary by inflicting punishment or harm. Though both avengeand revenge can be utilized as transitive verbs with reflexive pronouns, revenge is commoner within use: The dictatorship avenged itself regarding the partisans' radio place by burning it into the surface; As a victim of a hate crime, she finally avenged herself on perpetrators. 1. specific discipline for something: To inflict punishment as a result of an incorrect done.2. Retaliate on behalf of someone: To retaliate for yourself or someone else for a wrong done.Pretty simmular to revenge. The real difference, however is, that revenge is to obtain even with someone for one thing he did for your requirements. Avenge is to get despite having someone for one thing he performed to someone you care about.