What does Agonist mean?

Agonist meaning in General Dictionary

one that contends the reward in public areas games

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  • the principal character in a work of fiction
  • some one associated with a contest or struggle (like in an agon)
  • a muscle that contracts while another relaxes
  • (biochemistry) a drug that can match a receptor on a cell to create a physiological response
  • one that contends for the prize in public areas games.

Agonist meaning in Medical Dictionary

A substance that functions like another substance and therefore stimulates an action. Agonist is the reverse of antagonist. Antagonists and agonists are foundational to players in chemistry regarding the human body plus in pharmacology.

Agonist meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1876, in writings on Greek drama, from Greek agonistes, virtually "combatant inside games" (see agony).

Agonist meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Any material that creates a specific result by attaching it self to the right receptor.

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Agonist meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) One who contends the prize in public places games.