What does Aby mean?

Aby meaning in General Dictionary

To pay for to experience for to atone for to help make amends for to give pleasure

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  • atone for making amends for
  • make amends for
  • Alt. of Abye

Aby meaning in Dream Dictionary

In a dictionary an abyss is described as a bottomless gap or an immeasurably deep gulf or great area.  Inside our fantasy globe an abyss is an important symbolization that people should just forget about.  An abyss could be the dark and frightening element of your unconscious you are needs to explore.  Have you been afraid or excited within fantasy?  This can help you determine if your afraid or planning to explore the depths of head.  It's rather a scary sensation but rewarding should your in a position to explore.  If you fall deep in to the abyss, declare that you may not wish to know the mystical side of unconscious. Sometimes we dream of an abyss when we are scared to handle an impossible task.  You might examine various angle ways to get the basketball moving.

Aby meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t. & i.) Alt. of Abye