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Adult Video,Japanese porno movies Porn.In Japan, Korea and China this term refers to any adult video clip, including animated(which can be perhaps not known as hentai within Japan).AV means "adult video", however it cannot mean "adult video".It only has actually that well-known title.AV has many distinct faculties from virtually any porn. Anything you see in cartoon porn(referred to as hentai into the US) besides young girls additionally the literally impossible, is completed in AV.AV movie stars are called AV Idols.They are women which start with innocent-type roles(ie schoolgirl is quite popular right here). A lot of them have moved onto even more hardcore things(ie S&M in addition preferred right here but only beneath the area).i've been in Japan for 2 months and purchased some AV, that will be how I understand what i'm saying. audio-visual An individual who hadn't skilled everything in life, such as alcoholic beverages, medications, or any intimate behavior. Is oftentimes judgmental and nitpicky, although can often be kind and sometimes good-natured. Of or associated with Anti Virus programs in addition to people who make sure they are.see in addition vx The brief hand abreivation used 2 describe some body as a virgin. average, mediocre, medium quality