What does AT&T'd AT&T'd AT&T'd mean?

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Pronounced Ahhh Tee and Teed. The opposite of being an Evangelist or fan of a business, product or service. Indicates consistent dissatisfaction and bad customer support. (Verb) ....getting no customer support after all. Passed away around from 1 cell phone number to another location, to the next, and being placed on hold forever, and not getting any of the informatoin you are asking for. A Major League Baseball batter just who hits an extended ball toward deepest elements of AT&T Park in san francisco bay area, just for the basketball to careen off the beaten track or be caught by an outfielder, denying just what will be a property run in nearly every various other ballpark. Generally always explain hits by visiting people. Phrase coined by the San Francisco Giants' announcing staff, contains Jon Miller, Dave Flemming, Duane Kuiper, and Mike Krukow.