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An emoticon showing a tongue protruding from a single's face. This will probably frequently be disrespectful, or just a means of being attractive. 1. Used to suggest if one makes a joke.2. Accustomed punctuate the act of accomplishing something silly or stupid. Basically a face protruding a tongue. Utilized in IM conversations to signify your other individual is lame and/or is within an even worse situation and prone to be laughed at, but the individual does not value him / is reluctant to spend time making use of 'lol' (since it is commonly overused). the appropriate responce to :O An emoticon generally supposed to appear to be a face with a tongue going out. like other emoticons/smileys, it really is frequently used in I am conversations, forum articles text messages, etc., especially by younger men and women. It often signifies among after:1. Notably sheepish (but good-humored) acknowledgment of (usually an individual's own) silliness, foolishness, absentmindedness, or ineptness. While often regularly reflect an individual's very own state, furthermore utilized in mention of the others or circumstances.2. Minor disgust, put another way, a stand-in for "ew" "yuck". (much more serious revulsion could be expressed with "XP", which is likewise designed to depict a hanging tongue, but adds eyes squinted closed or almost shut)3. Tongue sticking out tauntingly. (less frequent. Since stated earlier, :P is normally is translated as a tongue *hanging* away, perhaps not protruding straight forward)This emoticon is a less literal depiction of phrase than some other emoticons. By way of example, someone who claims in an IM conversation "we totally flunked the real history test today :P" would not be prone to really allow their tongue really loll out thus if the exact same discussion happened face-to-face. It probably has its roots in long-standing cartoon training of showing stupid/knocked-out/dazed people with their tongues limply chilling out like your dog's tongue on a hot day.The P is generally capitalized, however always. Furthermore, there are variations types like :-P, =P, :b, :-b, :-Þ, :Þ, etc. Whenever you state anything in MSN... etc but don't imply it or saying one thing for humor or saying something you're willing to perhaps not allow it to be serious or saying something you're too bashful to say it. An emoticon agent of user sticking their particular tongue out. Frequently used to express silliness or laughter. Whenever some thing is funny, but isn't rather funny adequate for "LOL", :-p can be used alternatively.