Sentence Examples with the word ye

Look ye, Quohog, we'll give ye the ninetieth lay, and that's more than ever was given a harpooneer yet out of Nantucket.

Don't stave the boats needlessly, ye harpooneers; good white cedar plank is raised full three per cent. within the year.

As Queequeg and I are now fairly embarked in this business of whaling; and as this business of whaling has somehow come to be regarded among landsmen as a rather unpoetical and disreputable pursuit; therefore, I am all anxiety to convince ye, ye landsmen, of the injustice hereby done to us hunters of whales.

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Why don't ye be sensible, Flask? it's easy to be sensible; why don't ye, then? any man with half an eye can be sensible.

Skin your eyes for him, men; look sharp for white water; if ye see but a bubble, sing out.

So, so; now, ye cup-bearers, advance.

For the apostles in the memorials made by them, which are called gospels, have so related it to have been enjoined on them: to wit, that Jesus took bread, gave thanks and said: This do ye in memory of me, this is my body, and the cup likewise he took and gave thanks and said, This is my blood; and he distributed to them alone.

Poor Pip! ye have heard of him before; ye must remember his tambourine on that dramatic midnight, so gloomy-jolly.

Now ye do something; that looks like it, my steel-bits.

In old England the greatest lords think it great glory to be slapped by a queen, and made garter-knights of; but, be YOUR boast, Stubb, that ye were kicked by old Ahab, and made a wise man of.