Sentence Examples with the word were

The commons were beginning to murmur at the kings administration; they had obtained neither the peace nor the diminished taxation which they had been promised.

Bismarck at first, in a letter addressed to the new emperor, denied the authenticity of the extracts on the ground that they were unworthy of the crown prince.

According to Mommsen, the aerarii were originally the non-assidui (non-holders of land), excluded from the tribes, the comitia and the army.

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She moved with the horse as if it were an extension of her body.

The Beni-Manassir, who rose almost at the same time in the Dahra, were subdued soon after.

That I shall be the laughingstock of all Moscow, that everyone will say that you, drunk and not knowing what you were about, challenged a man you are jealous of without cause.

A detachment had been left in the Alam Bagh, which was short of provisions; some attempts were made to open up communication with it, but without success.

The societies were distinctly understood to be part of the established church, as Wedgwood's were, and every attempt at estranging them therefrom was sharply reproved; but persecution made their position anomalous.

Her own life was by choice, and as far as her position would admit, one of almost austere simplicity and homeliness; and her subjects were proud of a royalty which involved none of the mischiefs of caprice or ostentation, but set an example alike of motherly sympathy and of queenly dignity.

Thereafter various persons who had paid the excise tax, or had assisted in collecting it, were tarred and feathered or had their houses or barns burned.