Sentence Examples with the word tt

In one sense tt may be said to stand to theological literature in Scotland in something of the same position as that occupied by the Canon Mirificus with respect to the scientific literature, for it is the first published original work relating to theological interpretation, and is quite without a predecessor in its own field.

To), for the purpose of interposing at pleasure the prism it in the axis of the reading micrometer; this enables the observer to view the graduations on the face of the metallic thermometer TT (composed of a rod of brass and a rod of zinc).

Gocke, Das Grossherzogtum Berg unter Joachim Murat, Napoleon I TT and Louis Napoleon, 1806-1813 (Cologne, 1877).

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On the upper plate are placed two small levelling bubbles, and two standards tt ate attached to the upper side of the plate for supporting the trunnions of the telescope T.