Sentence Examples with the word ti

She built a castle of great beauty and magnificence, ti ailed the Achilleion, in the island of Corfu, where she often o fsided.

The reading Ti puar is an anachronism, and when Pliny (N.H.

In the latitude of Paris the dyne is equal to the weight of about of a gramme, and the erg is the amount of work required to raise Ti lerof a gramme vertically through one centimetre.

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The sh sound is sometimes not even written with a sibilant, as in the pronunciation of the ci and ti of words like rhetorician and nation.

A, Copulatory apparatus of tI the second appendage.

The first, from the north, comprises the upper basins Sec ti of the Maranon and the Huallaga, and is 350 m.

In ordinary hand-sending the Au c curb end of the cable is put to one or the other pole of the ti .

Possibility ibility of water of ti gas per ton of coke used in the Dellwik generator as against 34,000 to 45,000 cub.

For example, draw C2A parallel to CiTi, cutting Tf Ti in A; then vi: ci:: CiA: C2T2.

Where a borough has not a separate court of quarter sessions, but has a separate commission of the peace, the justices of the county in which the borough is situate have a concurrent jurisJuris d - diction with the borough justices in all matters arising ti o n o within the borough.