Sentence Examples with the word ta

Ending is absolute a, construct ath, emphatic ta or 'tha: thus the fern.

Twelve presbyteries were erected in London; Shropshire and Lancashire were organized; and Bolton was so vigorous in the cause as to gain the name of the Gene Ta of Lancashire.

Kwyos EvXQ,plov oU E,7 J 7rral TO Q7rapriov, Kai Ev Ta l TEXEralS t301,Elro Iva Quoted by Lobeck, Aglaophamus, i.

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Io - I I) admonishes his sons: Hpbs Ta y Ta7rELYWVEL Kaptlas u,I.LWV 'isa SE577vOs EUXoyLav Ea roD u7-6,l,Garoi abroli.

The hyperbolic or Gudermannian amplitude of the quantity x is ta n (sinh x).

Another unfrequent mode of interment was in graves like those of modern times, dug in the floor of the galleries (Marchi, u.s., ta y.

From the Arabic, ta r rifa, information, an inventory, art, knowledge), a table or list of articles on which import or export duties are levied, with the amount of the duty specified, hence often used as a collective term for the duties imposed, or for the law or code of regulations imposing such duties or varying the scale of charges.

After the Hwe Long, entering from the left at Ta Kaw, is passed, the Nam Pang comes in 22 m.

Apollo, Helios, and Hephaestus were fire, Hera was air, Poseidon was water, Artemis was the moon, Kai Ta Xoora 6Aoiws.

Some species only frequent the clearest waters; but the lovely transparent Hydatina se p ta (fig.