Sentence Examples with the word se

Ferrum occulta quadam natura ad se trahit.

Lastly, we possess a judicial text in 48 paragraphs, which bears the title of Notitia vel commemoratio de illa ewa (law), quae se ad Amorem habet.

The moneys for the purpose are mainly derived from general taxation (poor rates per se being but rarely directly levied), special funds and voluntary contributions.

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All this must be done in good order (le tout se fera avec ordre et methode) as far as possible retaining troops in reserve.

MIRAGE (a French word, from mirer, to look at, se mirer, to be reflected), an optical illusion due to variations in the refractive index of the atmosphere.

Scarcely has the cherry season passed when that of the wistaria (fuji) comes, followed by the azalea(tsutsuji) and the iris (shibu), the last being almost contemporaneous with the peony (botan), which is regarded by many Japan se as the king of flowers and is cultivated assiduously.

The, fferent facies are possibly related to slight differences in a merally uniform habitat: it is unscientific to regard them as se to chance; still, in the majority of cases, the causes of the iferent facies have not been demonstrated.

The particular method of granulating slag for Passow cement produces a material which sets per se and attains a strength comparable with that of Portland cement.

Hence it is the office of the theory of knowledge to show that the Ego posits the thing per se as only existing for itself, a noumenon in the sense of a product of its own thinking.

Thus he accepts the shallow dictum of Condillac that toute science se reduit d une langue bien faite.