Sentence Examples with the word sa

The return of SA de Miranda from Italy operated to transform the drama as well as lyric poetry.

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He would carry her away and then sa pauvre mere would appear and he would marry her.

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Masson, Napoleon et sa famille (4 vols., Paris, 1897-1900).

Dolmens (probably to be regarded as a simpler form of the tomba dei giganti, inasmuch as specimens with chambers elongated after their first construction have been found) and menhirs are also present in Sardinia, though the former are very rare - that known as Sa Perda e S'altare, near the railway to the south of Macomer is illustrated by A.

See Raillard, Pierre Leroux et ses oeuvres (Paris, 1899); Thomas, Pierre Leroux: sa vie, son oeuvre, sa doctrine (Paris, 1904); L.

The solid derived from SA is crystalline and soluble in carbon bisulphide, that from S, is amorphous and insoluble.

A different and very interesting piece of evidence is afforded by the Ipomedon of Hue de Rotelande; in relating how his hero appeared at a tournament three days running, in three different suits of armour, red, black and white, the author remarks, Sul ne sai pas de mentir l'art Walter Map reset ben sa part.

Dosson, Etude sur Quinte-Curce, sa vie, et ses oeuvres (1887) a valuable work; F.