Sentence Examples with the word re

Alberti wrote works on sculpture, Della Statua, and on painting, De Pictura, which are highly esteemed; but his most celebrated treatise is that on architecture, De Re Aedificatoria, which has been translated into Italian, French, Spanish and English.

The second half of the 17th century witnessed remarkable transitions and developments in all branches of natural science,and the facts accumulated by preceding generations during their generally unordered researches were re placed by a co-ordination of experiment and deduction.

But there are a few important exceptions: Re in for iopolis (here identified with a local god Etom) and in Her- of I ithis; Hathor at Dendera and elsewhere.

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As the Guard recoiled (about 8 P.M.) Zieten pierced the northeast corner of the French front, and their whole line gave way as the allies rushed forward on their now defenceless re Three battalions of the Guard indeed stood their French.

Since the four co-ordinates (Cartesian or other) of these two points are connected by the relation which expresses the invariability of the length AB, it is plain that virtually three inde pendent elements are re quired and suffice to specify the position of the lamina.

It is probable that the real title was Caelii Apicius, Apicius being the name of the work (cp. Taciti Agricola), and De Re Coquinaria a sub-title.

Always bifid and re tractile into itself.

For Richelieus policy increased poverty, neglected re its, the toiling and suffering peasants, deserted the cause of the worker1 in order to favor the privileged classes, and left idle and useless that bourgeoisie whose intellectual activity, spirit of discipline, and civil and political culture would have yielded solid support to a monarchy all the stronger for being limited.

If we were to take QD and RE closer to MC, the former area would be still greater.

Some sub the cosmic gods, like the sun-god Re of Heliopolis and of of rmonthis, early acquired a local in addition to their cosmic this ect.