Sentence Examples with the word rat

Healthy rats contracted plague from infected rats when the only apparent means of communication between the two was the rat flea (pulex cheopis).

The only indigenous land mammalia are a small rat and a few curious species of bats.

The lab rat flushed but saluted and ducked out of the room.

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What a relief it was to choking Stubb, when a rat made a sudden racket in the hold below.

In the older and larger towns it soon went beyond what the bishops thought proper to tolerate; conflicts ensued; and in the 13th century several bishops obtained decrees in the imperial court, either to suppress the Rat altogether, or to make it subject to their nomination, and more particularly to abolish the Ungeld, as detrimental to episcopal finances.

That of the alpine zone includes two species of dassy (Pr ocavia), a coney (Hyrax), and a rat (Otomys).

Such a combination of offices naturally makes us think of the Maccabean priest-kings of the 2nd century B.C. The possibility of doubting this reference is excluded by the words that immediately follow: - cal 7rpovhuv77vars Tb alrip,LCa mirth; 13TL inrip UoWY airoBavEirac iv 7roXE,uoLS 6paroLS Kai aoparocs' Kal iv u 7 tiv g o rat lavtXEUS aid,vcos.

If he thinks she has him trapped, he'll be a rat in a cheese house with a craw full of cheddar, snarling and biting to get out.

Books, pictures, objects of art, antiquities, reminiscences of Rat Goethe's visit to Italy, above all a marionette theatre, kindled the child's quick intellect and imagination.

KENORA (formerly RAT Portage), a town and port of entry in Ontario, Canada, and the chief town of Rainy River district, situated at an altitude of 1087 ft.