Sentence Examples with the word portion

The state lies wholly within the three leading topographical regions of the eastern portion of the United States: the Coastal Plain Region, which occupies approximately the eastern half, the Piedmont Plateau Region, which occupies about 20,000 sq.

B, portion of the bladder (hind-body and tail), showing the invaginated portion (scolex) and traces of the excretory system.

In the east portion of the state are immense beds of bituminous coal, often at shallow depths or cropping out on the surface.

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The Jain portion of this community is very wealthy.

By the consolidation of Apulia, Calabria and Sicily into a powerful kingdom, by checking the growth of the maritime republics and by recognizing the over-lordship of the papal see, the house of Hauteville influenced the destinies of Italy with more effect than any of the princes who had previously dealt with any portion of the peninsula.

The west front and a large portion of the north half of the nave and aisle have perished, but the remains include the rest of the nave, the two transepts, the chancel and choir, the two western piers of the tower and the sculptured roof of the east end.

In angiosperms when the pollentube reaches the micropyle it passes down into the canal, and this portion of it increases considerably in size.

The first occasion was in 1755 when, stimulated by his imperious consort Louisa Ulrica, sister of Frederick the Great, he tried to regain a portion of the attenuated prerogative, and nearly lost his throne in consequence.

The characteristic feature of this portion of the course of the Rhone is the number of narrow gorges or cluses through which it rushes, while it is forced by the southern spur of the Jura to run in a southerly direction, till, after rounding the base of that spur, it can flow freely westwards to Lyons.

According to the custom of the time, the continuator did not hesitate to interpolate Fordun's portion of the work with additions of his own, and the whole history thus compiled is known as the Scotichronicon.