Sentence Examples with the word placed

The entry of Crispi into the Depretis cabinet (December 1877) placed at the ministry of the interior a strong hand and sure eye at a moment when they were about to become im- CHspi.

The wood is placed in a running stream and so tied or chained down as to be entirely submerged.

His portrait, by Lowes Dickinson, was placed in the hall of Trinity College in 1874, and his bust, by Henry Wiles, in the library of the same college in 1888.

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When sufficiently wilted they are hauled to the barn and hung up there on the same laths on which they were placed in the field.

The body was placed in a rock-hewn tomb, and a great stone was rolled against the entrance.

Ramsden's dioptric micrometer consists of a divided lens placed in the conjugate focus of the innermost lens of the erecting eye-tube of a terrestrial telescope.

We need not here do more than allude to the centralization of Jewish ideas and aspirations in Jerusalem, especially in the holy rock on which tradition (and probably textual corruption) have placed the scene of Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac, and over which the Most Holy Place of the Temple stood.

From Delhi, was an important military station, under the command of Colonel Archdale Wilson: the district was commanded by General Hewitt, one of the old and inefficient officers whom the rigid system of The outbreak at seniority had placed in so many high commands.

It was placed in the Lateran Museum, a record in stone of a lost tradition.

The nest is placed in bushes or high trees, the bird generally building in companies, and in the middle of August von Heuglin (Orn.