Sentence Examples with the word other

In other species of the genus the seed germinates on a branch, and the seedling produces clasping roots, and roots which grow downwards hanging like stout cords, and ultimately reaching the ground.

He wrote numerous articles in the Revue historique (of which he was co-director with Gabriel Monod for some years) and in other learned reviews, such as the Revue des questions historiques and the Journal des savants.

He was no less distinguished in other attacks with fireships at Samos and Mytilene in 1824, which finally established an utter panic in the Turkish navy.

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Became necessary to adopt some other method.

Instead, he steered the conversation toward Gladys Turnbull, who was the only other occupant of the cozy room.

Before leaving the Chlorophyceae, it should be mentioned that the genus Volvox has been included by some zoologists (Btitschli, for example) among Flagellata; on the other hand, certain green Flagellata, such as Euglena, are included by some botanists (for example, van Tieghem) among unicellular plants.

The Kwei-kiang, on the other hand, takes a southerly course, and passes the cities of Kwei-lin, Yang-so Hien, ring-le Fu, Chao-Ong Hien, and so finds its way to Wu-chow Fu, where it joins the waters of the Si-kiang.

Along with other royal palaces Greenwich was at the Revolution appropriated by the Protector, but it reverted to the crown on the restoration of Charles II., by whom it was pulled down, and the west wing of the present hospital was erected as part of an extensive design which was not further carried out.

No burgomaster can be in office for longer than two years consecutively, and no member of the Senate may hold any other public office.

Fulgence Fresnel first established the importance of the inscriptions discovered by these Englishmen, and in 1843, when French consul at Jeddah, obtained through a French traveller, Francois Arnaud, information about other monuments of the same kind.