Sentence Examples with the word o

J'pBn' o at gn (i o O.

He crossed the frontier in June 181 o and besieged Almeida, which capitu- Apr 11811.

Motion is communicated to the forks by female screws tapped in the heads m and n acting on the screws o and p respectively.

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In the case where either the leading or trailing group of small wheels is absent the numeral o must be used in the series of three numbers used in the description.

Thus from ethyl alcohol there can be prepared compounds, termed esters, or ethereal salts, exactly comparable in structure with corresponding salts of, say, potassium; by the action of the phosphorus haloids, the hydroxyl group is replaced by a halogen atom with the formation of derivatives of the type R Cl(Br,I); nitric acid forms nitrates, R O NO 2; nitrous acid, nitrites, R O NO; sulphuric acid gives normal sulphates R 2 SO 4, or acid sulphates, R SO 4 H.

Not the slightest change in the direction of such a star when in this position has ever been detected, and it is certain that if any occurs it can be but a minute fraction of a second of arc. As an atmosphere equal to ours in density would produce a deviation of an important fraction of a degree, it may be said that the moon can have no atmosphere exceeding in density the b b l o o that of the earth.

It forms oxides of composition Nd203 and Nd 2 O 5, the latter being obtained by ignition of the nitrate (B.

The introduction of additional diacritical marks, such as - and used to express quantity, and the diaeresis, as in ai, to express consecutive vowels, which are to be pronounced separately, may prove of service, as also such letters as a, o and ii, to be pronounced as in German, and in lieu of the French ai, eu or u.

P. Bouguer and others estimate about o 8 for the transmission of light through the entire atmosphere from a star in the zenith.

In the next ensuing session of Congress, in 1889-90, the Republicans passed a new tariff act, known as the McKinley Tariff Act, because Mr McKinley was then chairman of McKffinl o fey the House Committee in charge of the bill.