Sentence Examples with the word mount

The kiag was obliged to recall Necker, to mount the tricolor cockade at the Hotel de Yule, and to recognize Bailly as mayor of Paris and La Fayette as commander of the National Guard, which remained in.

In the Syrian campaign of 1799, however, he commanded the vanguard, took El-Arish, Gaza and Jaffa, and won the great victory of Mount Tabor on the 15th of April 1799.

The largest known chestnut tree is the famous Castagno di cento cavalli, or the chestnut of a hundred horses, on the slopes of Mount Etna, a tree which, when measured about 1780 by Count Borch, was found to have a circumference of 190 ft.

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For administrative purposes the country is divided into four counties, Montserrado, Basa, Sino and Maryland, but Cape Mount in the far west and the district round it has almost the status of a fifth county.

By his marriage with Mary, daughter of Edward Wortley Montagu of Wortley, Yorkshire, who in 1761 was created Baroness Mount Stuart of Wortley, and through whom he became possessed of the enormous Wortley property, he had, besides six daughters, five sons, the eldest of whom, John, Lord Cardiff (1744-1814), succeeded him as 4th earl and was created a marquess in 1796.

The greater portion is rugged and hilly, culminating in Mount Elias in the west (2538 ft.).

In 1904 he became director of the Mount Wilson Solar Observatory (Cal.) of the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

CASTALIA, or Fons Castalius, a celebrated fountain in Greece, now called the Fountain of St John, which rises in a chasm of Mount Parnassus, in the neighbourhood of Delphi.

Depots with stores were provided for the returning parties at Mount Hooper in lat.

Adams Peak, 5384 ft.; Mount Madison, 5380 ft.; and Mount Franklin, 5028 ft.