Sentence Examples with the word ler

Sarre of Berlin and published in 1901 (Denkmi ler Persischer Baukunst; 65 large folio plates).

Zupitza in Sammlung englischer Denkmi ler (vol.

But many of the simpler P Y ler P forms of life may undergo desiccation to such an extent as to arrest their vital manifestations and convert them into the semblance of not-living matter, and yet remain potentially alive.

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This page gives an overview of all articles in the 1911 Brittanica which are alphabetized under Ler to Lid.

On the 23rd of June La Marmora crossed Minclo, and on the 24th a battle was fought at Custozza, ler circumstances highly disadvantageous to the Italians, ich after a stubborn contest ended in a crushing Austrian tory.

G between vowels is dropped before e and i: Ler for Leer (1 egere), dedv (digit u m);the same is the case with d, of course, in similar circumstances: remiT (r e d i mere), rir (r I d ere).