Sentence Examples with the word laced

The skirts were held in place by a thick rolled belt, and the upper part of the body remained quite nude in the earliest times; but from the middle Minoan period onward we often find an important addition in the shape of a low-cut bodice, which sometimes has sleeves, either tight-fitting or puffed, and ultimately develops into a laced corsage.

Sean was supposed to serve her dessert laced with a sedative, so they could drug her and take her back to the station for questioning.

She stretched as far as she could and laced her fingers behind his neck, pulling his mouth down to hers again.

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Her eyes settled on the black laced blood oozing from her arm into the bladder.

His hands slid down her arms and his palms touched hers warmly as his fingers laced through hers.

His tone was terse, and yet laced with excitement.

A ribbon of black laced the thick rivulet of her blood.

When his fingers laced through hers and his palms pressed her hands against the wall next to her face, his kisses became ardent.

Among the latter is also found a piece of protecting leather reaching halfway up the shin, and similar developments with tight-fitting bandages, buskins or laced garters were worn in Assyria and Asia Minor (see fig.

He even laced the invitation with a ration of all-is-forgiven bullshit.