Sentence Examples with the word han

The greater part of the province forms a plain, and its most noticeable feature is the Han river, which runs in a south-easterly direction across the province from its northwesterly corner to its junction with the Yangtsze Kiang at Hankow.

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That's what Han said.

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During the decadence of the elder branch of the Han dynasty the Chinese supremacy was weakened, but in A.D.

She put on her sunglasses and started toward the one part of the house Han had warned her away from: the patio that led into the gardens.

Jake followed, and Han was already waiting for her.

They're having issues, Han said.

The principal rivers of the province are the Si-kiang, the Pei-kiang, or North River, which rises in the mountains to the north of the province, and after a southerly course joins the Si-kiang at San-shui Hien; the Tung-kiang, or East River, which, after flowing in a south-westerly direction from its source in the north-east of the province, empties itself into the estuary which separates the city of Canton from the sea; and the Han River, which runs a north and south course across the eastern portion of the province, taking its rise in the mountains on the western frontier of Fu-kien and emptying itself into the China Sea in the neighbourhood of Swatow.

At the close of 1897 the king assumed the title of emperor, and changed the official designation of the empire to Dai Han Great Han.

In the same year his first romance, Han d'Islande, was given to the press; his second, Bug-Jargal, appeared three years later.