Sentence Examples with the word gum

Cherry tree gum is an exudation from trees of the genera Prunus and Cerasus.

It gives with water a somewhat stronger mucilage than gum arabic, from which it is distinguished by its clear interior, fewer cracks and greater toughness.

The chief exports in order of importance are: raw cotton, cotton seed, sugar, beans, cigarettes, onions, rice and gumarabic. The gum is not of native produce, being in transit from the Sudan.

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This term is applied to the inspissated milky juices of certain plants, which consist of gum soluble in water, resin and essential oil soluble in alcohol, other vegetable matter and a small amount of mineral matter.

But the consumption of all manner of odoriferous resins, gum resins, roots, woods, dried leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds in India, in social as well as religious observances, is enormous.

The insoluble part of the gum is a calcium salt of bassorin (C12H20010), which is devoid of taste and smell, forms a gelatinoid mass with water, but by continued boiling is rendered soluble.

The red gum forests of the Murray valley and the pine forests bordering the Great Plains are important and valuable.

The Brazilian flora is also rich in medicinal and aromatic plants, dye-woods, and a wide range of gum and resin-producing shrubs and trees.

In colour gum tragacanth is of a dull white; it occurs in horny, flexible and tough, thin, twisted flakes, translucent, and with peculiar wavy lines on the surface.

Another variety, obtained from the Prosopis dulcis, a leguminous plant, is called gum mesquite or mezquite; it comes from western Texas and Mexico, and is yellowish in colour, very brittle and quite soluble in water.