Sentence Examples with the word found

But, as will be pointed out later, organs are often found to have undergone degeneration or reduction, and such reduced or degenerate structures may easily be mistaken for primitive structures, and so the investigator may be misled.

Cadmium does not occur naturally in the uncombined condition, and only one mineral is known which contains it in any appreciable quantity, namely, greenockite, or cadmium sulphide, found at Greenock and at Bishopton in Scotland, and in Bohemia and Pennsylvania.

Here they found and took on board the four sons of Phrixus who, after their father's death, had been sent by Aeetes, king of Colchis, to fetch the treasures of Orchomenus, but had been driven by a storm upon the island.

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Caroline conspired against her brother and against her husband; the hypochondriacal Louis, now Dutch in his sympathies, found the supervision of the blockade taken.

The Arthropod eye appears to be an organ of special character developed in the common ancestor of the Euarthropoda, and distinct from the Chaetopod eye, which is found only in the Onychophora where the true Arthropod eye is absent.

Also, turning her head, she found that she could see the boy beside her, who had until now remained as still and silent as she herself.

They fell upon isolated British posts established to protect the Loyalist population, and generally captured or broke them up. Rawdon found himself unable with his diminishing force to cover the country beyond Charleston; and he fell back to that place, leaving the situation in the south as it had been in the early part of 1780.

Fish-hooks of copper (79-82) are found from the 1st Dynasty to Roman times.

Pasteur filled glass tubes entirely with new wine and then sealed them up. It was found that wine so treated remained unchanged in taste and flavour for years.

Even the crossbow she'd used the other night was clean and perched where she'd found it, loaded once again.