Sentence Examples with the word en-

He laid himself out to diffuse the system, and also to carry out a reform of its abuses by en- forcing a strict observance of the Rule of St Benedict (of whom, it may be noted, he was the earliest biographer).

More mobile and more searching than ice or rock rubbish, the trickling drops are guided by the deepest lines of the hillside in their incipient flow, and as these lines converge, the stream, gaining strength, proceeds in River its torrential course to carve its channel deeper and en- t trench itself in permanent occupation.

During the - latter part of the century its monarchs were en- of gaged in a bloody struggle with a powerful religious political party, the Huguenots, who finally won a toleration which they continued to enjoy until the revocation of the edict of Nantes in 1685.

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Simon de Montfort was the leading spirit, and en- The Pro..

Had sounded the clarion for battle against the Social The Pope Democracy; his encyclical Novarum serum en- and Social deavoured to show the means to be employed, Democracy.

First of these in point of time as well as in importance is the Nouveau recueil des planches coloriees d'oiseaux of Temminck Temminck and Langier, intended as a sequel to the Planches en- luminees of D'Aubenton before noticed, and like that and Langier.