Sentence Examples with the word en

As creation involves intention, desire, thought and work, and as these are properties which imply limit and belong to a finite being, and moreover as the imperfect and circumscribed nature of this creation precludes the idea of its being the direct work of the infinite and perfect, the En Soph had to become creative, through the medium of ten Sephiroth or intelligences, which emanated from him like rays proceeding from a luminary.

Leclere, Les codes cambodgiens (2 vols., Paris, 1898), and other works on Cambodian law; Francis Garnier, Voyage d'exploration en IndoChine (Paris, 1873).

The form of trial was soon discontinued, and the victims were sent to the guillotine or shot or cut down in the prisons en masse.

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At the side of each of the four scales on the stem of the hydrometer is en r ' graved a set of small numbers indicating the contraction in volume which would be experienced if the requisite amount of water (or spirit) were added to bring the sample tested to the proof strength The hydrometer constructed by Dicas of Liverpool is provided with a sliding scale which FIG.

In French appeared also his essay Du Develo p pement des idees revolutionnaires en Russie, and his Memoirs, which, after being printed in Russian, were translated under the title of Le Monde russe et la Revolution (3 vols., 1860-1862), and were in part translated into English as My Exile to Siberia (2 vols., 1855).

Lambert, Histoire de la peste de Toulon en 1721 (Toulon,.

Sometimes the laws belonging to this class are codified, or rather consolidated, and then usually by a Ipecial committee of competent lawyers whose work is passed en bloc by the legislature.

De Man, Vergelijkende myologische en neurologische Studien over Amphibien en Vogels (Leiden, 1873), (Corvidae); A.

His chief works were Jean Colas sa famille (1858); Des Beaux-Arts en Italie (Eng.

D.) Nonpareil, Sieur de Merchiston, reveue par lui-mesme, et mise en Francois par Georges Thomson, Escossois.

Goethals, Histoire des lettres, des sciences et des arts en Belgique (4 vols., 1840-1844); Fr.

MNeill gave a certain time for ag and, decision, at the end of which, no satisfactory reply haying reached him, he broke off diplomatic relations, ordered the British officers lent to the shah to proceed towards Bagdad en -route to India, and retired to Erzerum with the members of his mission.

Lambert, Histoire de la peste de Toulon en 1721 (Toulon,.

In this year military measures at last succeeded against the Hamawand tribe, which fled en masse to Persian territory.

C. Barbier de Meynards Poisze en Perse (Paris, 1877).

Orangien, haer leven en bedrijf (Amsterdam, 1651); G.

Charles Potvin (1818-1902), a poet and a dramatist, is best known by a patriotic Histoire des lettres en Belgique, forming vol.

Handbook of Bronzes (1877); King, Orfevrerie et ouvrages en metal du moyen age (1852-1854); Hefner-Alteneck, Serrurerie du moyen age (1869); Viollet-le-duc, Dict.

Butler (London, 1881); Toldi, poeme en 12 chants (Paris, 1895); Dichtungen (Leipzig, 1880); Konig Buda's Tod (Leipzig, 1879); Balladen (Vienna, 1886).

Of Herrera's writings, the most valuable is his Historia general de los hechos de los Castellanos en las islas y tierra firme del Mar Oceano (Madrid, 1601-1615, 4 vols.), a work which relates the history of the Spanish-American colonies from 1492 to 1554.