Sentence Examples with the word crucial

This retrospect of the Judaean kingdom must be taken with the following books, where the crucial features are (a) the presence (c. 444) of an aristocracy, partly (at all events) of half-Edomite affinity, before the return of any important body of exiles (Neh.

The theory therefore passes a crucial test when it is discovered that no gases exist for which n is either negative or unity.

The selection of organisms through the crucial test of fitness and the shaping of the organic world is an orderly process when contemplated on a grand scale, but of another kind; here the test of fitne s is supreme.

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This is a very terse way of putting a crucial objection to Burke's whole view of French affairs in 1789.

A two-thirds majority was necessary for conviction; and the votes being 35 to 1 9 (7 Republicans and 1 2 Democrats voting in his favour on the crucial clauses) he was acquitted.

He soon made the crucial discovery - which proved the foundation of the huge industry of artificial alkali manufacture - that the desired end was to be attained by adding a proportion of chalk to the mixture of charcoal and sulphate of soda.

Control of the space immediately adjacent to your skin is crucial to staying warm.

He points to the fact that the imminence of death often intensifies instead of diminishing a man's desire for the welfare of those he loves, as a crucial experiment proving the disinterestedness of love; adding, as confirmatory evidence, that the sympathy and admiration commonly felt for self-sacrifice depends on the belief that it is something different from refined self-seeking.

One of the first acts of the Reform government which succeeded that of which Macdonald was a member was to pass the Rebellion Losses Bill, made famous in colonial history by the fact that it brought to a crucial test the principle of responsible government.

Nevertheless some crucial changes were made.