Sentence Examples with the word cro

Potassium chlorochromate, CrO 2 Cl OK, is produced when potassium bichromate is heated with concentrated hydrochloric acid and a little water, or from chromium oxychloride and saturated potassium chloride solution, when - it separates as a red crystalline salt.

Sodium chromate, Na 2 CrO 4.10H20, forms pale yellow crystals isomorphous with hydrated sodium sulphate, Na2S04.10H20.

Oxyhalogen derivatives of chromium are known, the oxychloride, CrO 2 C1 21 resulting on heating potassium bichromate and common salt with concentrated sulphuric acid.

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Chromium trioxide dissolves readily in water, and the solution is supposed to contain chromic acid, H 2 CrO 4; the salts of this acid are known as the chromates.