Sentence Examples with the word clear-cut

La Mare au diable (1846) is a clear-cut gem, perfect as a work of Greek art.

They can be explained, partly by the origin of the State - for the most part through a voluntary union of countries possessed by a strong sense of their own individuality - partly by the influence in Austria of the Germanic spirit, well understood by the Slays, which has nothing of the Latin tendency to reduce all questions of administration to clear-cut formulae as part of a logically consistent system.

At the head of Lynn Canal, the only place on the whole extent of the south-eastern Alaskan coast where a clear-cut waterparting is exhibited between the sea-board and interior drainage, the summits of the highest peaks in the Coast Range are 8000 to 9000 ft.

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It seems a clear-cut case.

Out of this mist of contradictions scholastic thought strove to emerge by means of clear-cut definitions.

All these personages were undistinguished figures beyond whom might be discerned the cold clear-cut profile of Marie de Medicis secretary, now a cardinal, who was to take the helm and act as viceroy during eighteen years.

Although the Great Council repeatedly protested against the king's misrule and extravagance, their remonstrances came to nothing for want of leaders and a clear-cut policy.