Sentence Examples with the word ci

In a speed at Konigsberg in November 1894, he summoned the nobles ci Prussia to support him in the struggle for religion, for morality for order, against the parties of Umsturz, or Revolution, and shortly afterwards an amendment of the Criminal Code, commonly called the Umsturz- Vorlage, was introduced, Vmsturz.

A lion dormant: - Ci repose le lion; ici dort le lion fort; wake, me no man.

Next come Jehan le Bel, Waurins Recueil, Monstrelet, Chastellain, J uvenal des Ursins, and more limited works such as Crtons Cltronique de la traison ci mon de Richard II.

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Ii, pi, and sometimes ci, as in,meier (mittere), cater (captare), punto (punctum); but it is to be observed that the habitual mode of representing ci in normal Castilian is by ch (pron.

Le chevalier ci la corbeille, Le chevalier qui faisait parler les muets, Le chevalier, sa dame et un clerc, Les trois dames, La gageure, Le pretre d'Alison, La bourgeoise d'Orleans (Bedier, Les Fabliaux, 1895).

X (cojo, co x u m); If, ci (consejo, c 0 nsilium;ojo,oclum).

Tch), as in derecho (d i r e c t u m), pecho (pe c t u s), so that we may take those words in which S alone represents ci as secondary forms of learned words; thus we have hendito, otubre, santo as secondary forms of the learned words bendicto, ociubre, sancto, alongside of the old popular forms bendicho, ochubre, sancho.

In laying out the approaches and station yard of a passenger station ample width and space should be provided, with welldefined means of ingress and egress to facilitate the Passenger ci rculation of vehicles and with a long setting-down stations.

Submarine CI had parted its tow and did not reach the scene in time.

Historic kingdom of Aragon Ramiro Sanchez1035-1067Natural son of Sancho ci Mayor of Navarre, who on the death of his legitimate brother Gon zalo, annexed Sobrarbe.