Sentence Examples with the word be on

As it became gradually evident that Williams whole system of government was to be on new and distasteful lines, the English of the Midlands, the North and the West all went into rebellion.

But we have always to be on our guard against misrepresentation, exaggeration and falsehood.

The spores of the fungus will find a way through brickwork, concrete and similar material, in order to reach woodwork that may be on the other side.

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That he had 'constantly to be on the watch lest a formidable democratic rival should encroach on his prerogative.

I would have thought a gender oriented decision would upset you, but you seem to be on his side.

For practical details as to the conduct of political elections in England reference must be made to the various text-books on the subject; the candidate and his election agent require to be on their guard against any false step which might invalidate his return.

Of silence, and the two speakers would be on common ground when the native indicated by the name bwirri his cudgel, flung whirring through the air at a flock of birds, or when the native described as a jakkal-yakkal the bird called by the foreigner a cockatoo.

If, then, the traditional Lucan authorship is to be doubted, it must be on internal evidence only.

C. Dumont d'Urville had seen its skin, which the naturalists of his expedition procured, worn as a tippet by a Maori chief at Tolaga Bay (Houa-houa), 2 and in 1830 gave what proves to be on the whole very accurate information concerning it (Voy.

Boris inquired what news there might be on the staff, and what, without indiscretion, one might ask about our plans.