Sentence Examples with the word asie

For Geology see Tchihatcheff, Asie Mineure, Geologic (Paris, 1867-1869); Schaffer, Cilicia, Peterm.

This naturally Asie led to a contraband trade of considerable dimensions.

Univ., Asie anterieure (1884); C. Baedeker and A.

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R.G.S., 1897; Ney Elias and Ross, A History of the Moghuls of Central Asia, from the Tarskh-i-Rastisdi of Mirza Haidar (London, 1898); Grenard, Mission scientifique sur la Haute Asie (Paris, 1898); Dr Sven Hedin, Through Asia (London, 1898); Central Asia and Tibet (1903); Geographie des Hochlandes von Pamir (Berlin, 1894); Captain M.