Sentence Examples with the word X

Y Orionis or Bellatrix, and x Orionis are stars of the 2nd magnitude.

Division.-From the commutative law for multiplication, which shows that 3 X 4d.

Y is represented by the length of the ordinate NP, so that the representation is cardinal; but this ordinate really corresponds to the point N, so that the representation of X is ordinal.

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The mass of the electron or corpuscle is 7 0 X1028 gramme and its diameter is 3 X I 013 centimetre.

Korsakov, From the Lives of Russian Statesmen of the X VIIIth Century (Rus.) (Kazan, 1891).

The relation between x and t in any particular case may be illustrated by means of a curve constructed with I as abscissa and x as ordinate.

Hence the moment of the load on Am at C is wy0m, and the moment of a uniform load over any portion of the girder is w X the area of the influence curve Ip' G' E ' under that portion.

CHIOS, an island on the west coast of Asia Minor, called by the Greeks Chios (Xios, 'v r i Xio) and by the Turks Saki Adasi; the soft pronunciation of X before c in modern Greek, approximating to sh, caused Xio to be Italianized as Scio.

Ventrally forming an oblique X to XIII, The four pulmoniferous diaphragm, cutting off the somites.

The notation log x is generally employed in English and American works, but on the continent of Europe writers usually denote the function by lx or lg x.