Sentence Examples with the word WORD

ACETABULUM, the Latin word for a vinegar cup, an ancient Roman vessel, used as a liquid measure (equal to about half a gill); it is also a word used technically in zoology, by analogy for certain cup-shaped parts, e.g.

In other writers the word is a mere epithet of Apollo in his capacity as a god of healing (cf.

We might also indeed call it the Spanish domain, narrowing the essentially geographical meaning of the word Espaflol (derived, like the other old form Espanon, from Hispania), and using it in a purely political sense.

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The Normans brought with them their own word haquenee, or hacquenee, a French derivative from the Latin equus, a horse, whence the name hackney.

Moreover, the word of God in the Koran left many practical points undecided, and therefore it was of the highest importance to know exactly how the Prophet had spoken and acted in various circumstances.

With few and early exceptions, such as we may note in the Epistle of Barnabas, chap. i., they confine the word to doctrine.

Marti, in his stimulating work Religion des A.T., pp. 5, 72, advocates the exclusive reference of the word Sabbath to the full moon until the time of Ezekiel on the basis of Meinhold's arguments in Sabbat u.

Opinion at one time inclined to the view that the True Word was written in Rome, but the evidence (wholly internal) points much more decisively to an Egyptian, and in particular an Alexandrian origin.

PINDARIS, a word of uncertain origin, applied to the irregular horsemen who accompanied the Mahratta armies in India during the r8th century when the Mughal Empire was breaking up; loosely organized under self-chosen leaders, each band was usually attached to one or other of the great Mahratta chieftains.

The word is now generally used in the sense of a cringing flatterer of the great.