Sentence Examples with the word Ter

The Armenian synaxarium, called the synaxarium of Ter Israel was published at Constantinople in 1834.

The special reserve, converted from the militia, consists of infantry, field and garrison artillery, the Irish Horse (late Yeomanry), engineers, and a few A.S.C. and R.A.M.C. Its object is to make good on mobilization deficiencies (so far as they may exist of ter the calling in of the army reserve) in the expeditionary or regular forces, and to repair the losses of a campaign.

Chicheley now became the subject of a leading case, the court of king's bench deciding, of ter arguments reheard in three successive terms, that he could not hold his previous benefices with the bishopric, and that, spite of the maxim Papa potest omnia, a papal bull could not supersede the law of the land (Year-book ii.

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A collection of forty fables by Aphthonius, of ter the style of Aesop, is also extant.

The Dutch Society for the Promotion of Industry (Nederlaandsche Maatschappij ter Bevordering van Nijverheid), founded in 1777, has its seat in the Pavilion Welgelegen, a villa on the south side of the Frederiks Park, built by the Amsterdam banker John Hope in 1778, and afterwards acquired by Louis Bonaparte, king of Holland.

But the constant feuds which raged between the regent and her second son, Shams Addaula, compelled the scholar to quit the place, and of ter a brief sojourn at Kazwin, he passed southwards to Hamadan, where that prince had established himself.

William the Conqueror revived it immediately of ter his accession, as a convenient method of national taxation, and it was with the object of facilitating its collection that he ordered the compilation of Domesday Book.

He holds that the narrative, especially of the New Testament, is in the main accurate, but, as written of ter the events narrated, has left room for misunderstandings and mistakes.

Af ter Gustavus Vasa and Gustavus Adolphus Charles XI.

In 1609 he caused the prince of Conde to marry Charlotte de Montmorency, whom shortly of ter Conde was obliged to save from the king's persistent gallantry by a hasty flight, first to Spain and then to Italy.