Sentence Examples with the word SIZE

Both in the gum and in the boiled-off state silk has the peculiar property of imbibing certain metallic salts largely and combining very firmly with them, the fibre remaining to external appearance undiminished in strength and lustre, but much added to in size and weight.

It also includes the ocean frontage of Marajo, an island about the size of the kingdom of Denmark lying in the mouth of the Amazon.

At the present time the river is navigated by sailing craft of some size from Hit downward.

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The size of the individual particles may be approximately one-five-hundredth of an inch.

Next come the junipers, sometimes attaining the size of trees (Juniperus excelsa, rufescens and, with fruit as large as plums, J.

LEOPARD,' Pard or Panther (Felis pardus), the largest spotted true cat of the Old World, with the exception of the snowleopard, which is, however, inferior in point of size to the largest leopard.

Of the amphibious rodents, the pi-ea (Cavia aperea), mod, (C. rupestris), paca (Coelogenys paca), cutia (Dasyprocta aguti) and capybara (Hydrochoerus capybara) are noteworthy for their size and extensive range.

Nevada ranks sixth in size among the states of the Union.

It is also remarkable for the small size of its foot and the large development of two glands in the foot - the byssus-forming and the byssus-cementing glands.

The cheek-teeth form a continuous series, gradually increasing in size from the first to the last: the molars having square four-cusped crowns.