Sentence Examples with the word Ro

When the fighting was over, at ro P.M., Ney wrote a short and somewhat one-sided account of the action to Soult On the other flank there had meanwhile been waged the bitterly fought battle of Ligny.

The smoother we make the pulley the more nearly does the amount of useful work which the weight is capable of doing approach ro foot-pounds, and if we take into account the work done against the friction of the pulley, we may say that the work done by the descending weight is ro foot-pounds, and hence when the weight is in its elevated position we have at disposal r o foot-pounds more energy than when it is in the lower position.

The sport has never been so vigorously pursued as it was at the beginning of the 20th century, 19 packs of staghounds being kept in England and 4 in Ireland, over 170 packs of foxhounds in England, ro in Scotland and 23 in Ireland, with packs of harriers and beagles too numerous to be counted.

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Juste, Le Soulevement de la Hollande en 1813 et la fondation du ro y aume des Pays-Bas (Brussels, 1870); and P. Blok, Geschiedenis der Nederlandsche Volk, vols.

It is not probable that the largest viking ships had more than ro oars a side.

BARNET, a residential district in the mid or St Albans parliamentary division of Hertfordshire, England; ro m.

From the subjectivist point of view, which is manifestly fundamental through most of this, such arguments suasory of the Pyrrhonist suspense of judgment (i ro X i i) are indeed hard to answer.

The side of a square containing ro statute acres is 220 yds.

The most important part of the festival was the three sacred ploughings - the Athenian i ro ir6Xcv, the Eleusinian on the Rharian plain, the Scirian (a compromise between Athens and Eleusis).

In the first place, sex must be distinguished, because, from infancy upwards, except between the ages of ro and 20, the mortality amongst females is considerably less than amongst the other sex, and appears, too, to be declining more rapidly.