Sentence Examples with the word Pro-

Inn tendencyforthe double period, usually so prominent in summer, to become less pro- 6 Noon 6 Mid- nounced in winter, the a.m.

Bauxite was produced on a commercial scale in four states in 1908: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee; Arkansas pro- Other ducingas for years pastmore than six-tenths of the total product of the country.

By the extensive powers with which the stadholder princes of Orange were invested; and the chief crises in the internal Contest history of the Dutch republic are to be found in between, the struggles for supremacy between two, in reality, ciples of National and Pro- the Prin- different principles of government.

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With respect to Zaila Turkey was given the option of resuming possession, but advantage was not taken of the offer (see Lord British Pro- Cromer's Modern Egypt, 1908, vol.

The power to incur parlial egal pro- mentary costs, however, is subject to several important ceedings.

This aggressive character has a different aspect in several genera which are destitute of a central stylet, but in which the surface that is turned outwards upon eversion of the proboscis is largely pro- P. vided with nematocysts, sending the urticating rods of different sizes in all directions.

In the valleys of the Waksh and Pro- and the Surkhab to the north of Darwaz, which form an important part of the province of Karategin, maple, ash, hawthorn, pistachio, and juniper grow freely in the mountain forests, and beetroot, kohl rabi, and other vegetables are widely cultivated.

Stolypin had not ventured to alter the electoral law without parliamentary consent, but with the aid of a complaisant Senate the pro- The visions of the existing law were interpreted in a restrictive second sense for the purpose of influencing the elections.

Its chemical composition - containing, as it invariably does, one or more forms of a complex compound of carbon, hydrogen, pro- oxygen and nitrogen, the so-called protein or albumin The perties of (which has never yet been obtained except as a pro living duct of living bodies), united with a large proportion matter.