Sentence Examples with the word Pre

We gave only limited thought to the upcoming session as our pre wedding trip and plans took precedence in our hectic schedule.

This corre sponds to the usual pre sence (in the Rhyncho- bdellidae) of three annuli to each segment.

Dejean, Un Pre t fet du Consulat: J.

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All the more remarkable spirits of the time, like prophets in Israel, denounced a tyranny which put Chamillart at the head of the finances because he played billiards well, and Villeroy in command of the armies although he was utterly untrustworthy; which sent the patriot Vauban into disgrace, banished from the court Catinat, the Pre Ia Pense, exiled to Cambrai the too clear sighted Fnelon, and suspected Racine of Jansenism and La Fontaine of independence.

The Apocry- Torah, the Law delivered to Moses, held among the Jews of the 4th century B.C. as it holds now, a pre eminent position.

Fully developed pre oc, Occipital condyle.

Dpx, Dentary process of prePalatine process of pre maxilla.

Meanwhile Peter of Aragon was watching and pre the citizens of the great cities, a king would be acceptable; Peter was chosen with little opposition in a parliament at Palermo, and a struggle of twenty-one years began, of which Charles and Peter saw only the first stage.

At the beginning each tribe had Ciassifiits own particular god, who in essence was nothing cation of but the articulate expression of the inner cohesion and Pre of the outward independence of the tribe itself, but who outwardly manifested himself in the form of some animal or took up his abode in some fetish of wood or stone.

Difference of opinion as to the nature of the abdominal appendages pre vails.