Sentence Examples with the word Ole

Hefter, Technologie der Fette and Ole (Berlin, vol.

Semmler, Die aetherischen Ole nach ihren chemischen Bestandteilen unter Beriicksichtigung der geschichtlichen Entwickelung (Leipzig); M.

Hoffmann, Die aetherischen Ole (Berlin, 1899), trans.

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The early death of Ole Samsoe (1759-1796) prevented the development of a dramatic talent that gave rare promise.

The epicycloid was so named by Ole Romer in 1674, who also demonstrated that cog-wheels having epicycloidal teeth revolved with minimum friction (see Mechanics: Applied); this was also proved by Girard Desargues, Philippe de la Hire and Charles Stephen Louis Camus.

Bergen is the birthplace of the poets Ludvig Holberg (1684-1754) and Johan Welhaven (1807-1873), of Johan Dahl the painter (1788-1857), of Ole Bull (1810-1880) and Edvard Grieg the musicians.

At Paris he met men of science and letters - Peter Guenellon, the well-known Amsterdam physician; Ole Romer, the Danish astronomer; Thoynard, the critic; Melchisedech Thevenot, the traveller; Henri Justel, the jurist; and Francois Bernier, the expositor of Gassendi.