Sentence Examples with the word Of

In the vicinity was the house of the Rev. William Hubbard (1621-1704), author of a Narrative of the Troubles with the Indians in New England (Boston, 1677) and a general History of New England, published by the Massachusetts Historical Society in 1815.

The Privy Council were at this time apprehensive of an approaching scarcity of food.

Beside the histories of philosophy, the article Cartesianism, and the above works, consult J.

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In order to protect the passage of the traffic across the Isthmus of Panama during these disturbed times detachments of United States marines were landed at Panama and Colon, in accordance with the terms of the concession under which the railway had been constructed.

If that were not enough to tax nutritional science, add the challenge of needing to study the effects of nutrition over long periods of time to get meaningful results.

The turning-point of his career was his separation from his wife, the archduchess Christina of Austria, in 1599, an event followed by his own abdication the same year, in order that he might take orders.

Her father was Maurice Dupin, a retired lieutenant in the army of the republic; her mother, Sophie Delaborde, the daughter of a Paris bird-fancier.

Airy extended Fresnel's hypothesis to directions inclined to the axis of uniaxal crystals by assuming that in any such direction the two waves, that can be propagated without alteration of their state of polarization, are oppositely elliptically polarized with their planes of maximum polarization parallel and perpendicular to the principal plane of the wave, these becoming practically plane polarized at a small inclination to the optic axis.

The system is without any notable amount of igneous rock.

The number of platforms or decks varies considerably; in small mines only a single one may be used, but in the larger modern pits two-, threeor even four-decked cages are used.