Sentence Examples with the word If

Her bed looked as if a flock of geese had combusted over it, and she counted at least ten dead pillows.

If you keep buying 'opportunities' like Mr. Stanislaw's Salvation Army box, you'll be too broke to answer the door if a real opportunity does come knocking.

Jewish names, appearing in the Persian documents discovered at Nippur, show, however, that Jewish settlement at that city dates in fact from a much earlier period, and the discovery on some of the tablets found there of the name of the canal Kabari suggests that the Jewish settlement of the exile, on the canal Chebar, to which Ezekiel belonged, may have been somewhere in this neighbourhood, if not at Nippur itself.

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Nations can do this by acquiring enough military might that an attempted land grab would cost their neighbors more than they would get if successful.

There was no human color in the woman's pale cheeks, and her expression was emotionless, as if carved from marble.

The scholastic distinctions between corruptible and incorruptible substances, between absolute gravity and absolute levity, between natural and violent motions, if they did not wholly disappear from scientific phraseology, ceased thenceforward to hold the place of honour in the controversies of the learned.

It is mainly, if not wholly, known to English readers through the medium of Malory's translation of the Erench Quete du Saint Graal, where it is the cup or chalice of the Last Supper, in which the blood which flowed from the wounds of the crucified Saviour has been miraculously preserved.

Had anyone asked if she was lonely, she would have said no.

His intent gaze was steady, and she wondered if he could read her mind like her father did.

It is evident, however, that if logic deals with conceptions which may be considered constitutive of knowledge as such, and if ethics deals with the harmonious realization of human life, which is the highest known form of existence, both sciences must have a great deal of weight in the settling of the general question of metaphysics.