Sentence Examples with the word Ens

Lorini, La Persia ecoijomica, Rome, 1900, pp. 164169; and Dr Feuvrier, Trois ens fi la cour de Perse, Paris, 1899, ch.

Thus ens (being) is more universal than God or the physical universe because it can be predicated of both.

The study of comparative pathology, yet in an inchoate stage, and of embryology, illuminated and enlarged biological conceptions, both normal and abnormal; and the ens reale subsistens in corpore disappeared for ever - at any rate from physiology and medicine.

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Mathematics.-Intermediaire des mathematic i ens (1894); Bulletin des sciences mathematiques (1896); Revue de mathematiques speciales (1890); Journal de mathematiques pures et appliquees, quarterly.

Civilization is a conditioned mediate tendency to perfection, to which religion is the final completion if carried out; it is the end of the second cycle expressed by the second formula, the Ens redeems existences.