Sentence Examples with the word Early

The allies retired early in September and were not even able to molest the British trade convoys.

General history: For the early authorities consult Collections de chroniques Belges inedites, publ.

In the early Roman empire the word was used to designate the companions of the emperor (comites principis) and so became a title of honour.

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At Hubli, where nearly the whole population was inoculated between the lath of May and the 27th of September ' The system of inoculation against plague with a fluid prepared from sterilized virus of the disease was introduced in India by Professor Haffkine early in 1897.

Trade with France in wine and cloth was carried on as early as 1284, but was probably much increased on the erection of the Cobb, first mentioned in 1328 as built of timber and rock.

There remain two other dramatic works, of very different kinds, in which Ford co-operated with other writers, the mask of The Sun's Darling (acted 1624, printed 1657), hardly to be placed in the first rank of early compositions, and The Witch of Edmonton (printed 1658, but probably acted about 1621), in which we see Ford as a joint writer with Dekker and Rowley of one of the most powerful domestic dramas of the English or any other stage.

There are, of course, numerous problems relating to the nature, limits and dates of the two recensions, of the incorporated sources, and of other sources (whether early or late) of independent origin; and here there is naturally room for much divergence of opinion.

I never eat this early in the morning.

By the Cuckmere river; it is altered into a dwelling house, but retains a gatehouse, crypt and other portions of Early English date.

Xv.; Sir George Cornewall Lewis, Credibility of early Roman History, ch.