Sentence Examples with the word Doc

The doc would have noticed she was pregnant, just not the twin part and the girls part.

The doc helped her sit.

The doc declared him unfit.

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The doc sat groggily.

When the Church and the needy and fanatical nobles of northern and central France destroyed the feudal dynasty of Toulouse and the rich civilization of the south in the Albigensian crusade, it was for Philip Augustus that their leader, Simon de Montfort, all unknowing, conquered Languedoc. At last, instead of the two Frances of the langue doc and the lax gue dorl, there was but one royal France comprising the whole kingdom.

The doc waved his med-gun.

The doc reappeared, frowning, and armed with another medicine gun.

She had a feeling the doc would need his own pain meds if he kept taunting the two tense soldiers.

The doc was pissed with me.

Brady felt both surprise and some relief as the doc qualified his statement about everyone being dead.